Q: Why is there a dress code?

A: Since 1950, Canlis has lived up to its reputation as the swankest, dressiest restaurant in Seattle. Today, we maintain that tradition by requesting that men wear a suit or sport coat (though we don't require it in many areas of the dining room). Casual attire? Not appropriate. The bottom line: Everyone likes to look good. In 1950, people knew fashion and loved to show it. We ask our guests to help us keep that tradition alive.

Q: Are children welcome at Canlis?

We love when families dine together at Canlis. In order to protect your own dining experience and that of those around you, we ask that children not be disruptive. Dinner at Canlis is typically 3 hours in length and can prove difficult for some children to remain calm at the table. We leave it up to you to decide if they should join you for dinner as you know them best. Please keep in mind that we do not allow children to use electronic devices of any kind at the table.

Q: What is your corkage policy?

A: We happily open bottles for $10 per person per 750ml bottle. There is a three bottle limit, and we request the wine you bring is not on our list. Feel free to call and have us look it up, or you can download the list here.

Q: How do the valets do it?

A: They never hand out tickets, yet, somehow, your car is always waiting for you before you even make it to the door! We've been accused of never telling the secret. The truth? You wouldn't believe us if we told you.

Q: Is that rumor about “The Card” true?

A: Believe it or not, 60 years later, we still hear of people scared to come in for fear of “the dreaded card.” Is it true that if you don’t spend enough at Canlis they give you a card asking you not to return? Peter Canlis offered a thousand dollars to anyone who could produce the card with his signature. That stack of bills still sits in our safe today, untouched and unclaimed for over half a century.

Q: Table No. 1: How did it become so famous?

A: Table No.1 was Peter Canlis’ personal table for 27 years. Only he or his personal guests ever sat there. It was the only table that had a telephone, and from this vantage point he could keep an eye on the entire restaurant. When John Wayne began to frequent Canlis, he claimed table 1 as his table. The Duke and Peter disagreed fervently on this, and the owner once left Mr. Wayne in the lounge for an hour while the table sat empty...just to prove his point. Today, it is our most requested table, and the phone is still there!

Q: Does Canlis really have a “personal whisky consultant” on staff?

A: Yes...and thank God for him! The oldest of three sons, Matt Canlis, a minister, lives with his wife, Julie, and their four children in Scotland. As a result, the family has been collecting and cellaring one of the country’s rarest single malt whisky collections.

Q: Why is there a 20% service charge?

A: Times are changing in restaurants, and we believe for the better. We've chosen to implement a service charge in order to support the progress Seattle has made on wage equality. We are proud of the way we pay our team, and no additional gratuity is expected.