Chris & Alice Canlis

For 30 years, Chris and Alice Canlis lovingly ran their restaurant as a team, each bringing uniquely different strengths to the table. They considered Canlis to be a celebration that flowed naturally out of the dynamics of their own 37-year marriage. Like Chris, Canlis has been steady, trustworthy, and honest. Yet like Alice, it has always carried a sense of adventure, romance, and fun. Says Alice, "We are constantly adapting and evolving as we serve each another with respect, kindness, and consideration. That's been the foundation of our relationship with each other and with our restaurant."

A former Navy pilot and Stanford University graduate, Chris Canlis always brings a sense of tradition, success, and order. While his father and Canlis founder Peter was quite the showman, Chris preferred an understated approach to running a fine dining restaurant. Says Chris, "I always wanted the food and the service to take center stage. The idea was for our guests to enjoy the music, not watch the conductor."

Alice Canlis was raised in a large southern family where life's celebrations and events centered around boisterous suppers at a country table that could seat 18 people. From that background, she brought to Canlis the warmth and hospitality of her family traditions. As President of Canlis for many years, Alice was the visionary whose drive, risk preference, and attention to detail pushed Canlis to stay focused always on the future. Taking the traditions of her past, she moves them always forward toward the true art of hospitality.