For more than sixty years, we’ve been trying to serve and celebrate Seattle with our food. That’s a long time to stay cutting edge. It’s a long time to be pushing the culinary envelope. In the fifties and sixties Peter Canlis brought the world to Seattle on a platter. Exotic food from foreign nations was ahead of the curve, and Peter even snuck Hawaiian fish onto returning PanAm flights to impress the locals. Today, local is exotic. Tomorrow, we’ll dine from an earth well cared for.

Throughout it all, Canlis has used food as a platform to care for others. It doesn’t need to be worshiped or studied — leave that work to us. We just want you around our table, and we want to celebrate you with our cooking. Our aim is to nourish community, to nourish stomach and soul, and we can’t wait to cook for you.

Specifically, we often define Canlis’ style of cooking as “Comfort Geek,” a phrase Chef Franey coined, and he defines it as such:

Comfort Geek: [kuhm-fert geek] adj.

DEFINITION 1. as or pertaining to a style of cuisine, namely, that which uses modern technique without drawing too much attention to itself or alienating the diner. 2. Food otherwise considered ‘modernist’ or ‘molecular’ were it not for its ‘comfortable, approachable style.’ 3. Easy-to-like, delicious food prepared and presented in contemporary ways. ORIGIN: Canlis Restaurant.