Canlis has literally created hundreds of recipes since its inception in 1950. While the style and technique of modern cuisine crashes ever forward, we think it’s important to remember a few classics that helped shape who we are today.

Of all the recipes requested, none is more cherished than the Canlis Salad. Taught to him by his Lebanese mother, the Canlis salad was perfected by Peter Canlis and introduced to the world on opening night, December 11, 1950. Served in homes and restaurants around the world, the recipe, as it appears below, is one of our family’s prized possessions.

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The Canlis Salad

(serves 4 to 6)


- 1 large head Romaine hearts, cut into 1” squares (Wash individual leaves in warm water, drain and dry in colander and refrigerate.) - 10 cherry tomatoes, halved - ½ cup thinly sliced green onion - ¾ cup freshly grated Romano cheese - ¾ cup chopped bacon, cooked - ½ cup thinly sliced fresh mint* - 2 tablespoons thinly sliced oregano leaves - ½ cup croutons* - salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


- ½ cup olive oil - 13 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice - ¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper - 1 teaspoon salt - 1 coddled egg*

Ingredient notes

Mint: You can’t use too much mint! Experiment for yourself. Coddled Egg: Pour boiling water into a cup and put a whole egg (in the shell) into the hot water. Let sit for 1 minute then remove from the water. You may substitute with pasteurized egg mixture (found in the dairy section in cartons). Croutons: It's fun to make your own: cubed baguette, butter and minced herbs.


To make the dressing, put the salt, pepper, lemon juice, oil, and coddled egg in a bowl and whisk vigorously, then reserve. In a salad bowl, add the prepared romaine, green onion, cheese, bacon, croutons, oregano, and mint. Pour dressing over salad and toss thoroughly. Arrange the salad onto chilled plates and finish with cherry tomatoes.