Friday Night Bingo

How to play

  • All family meal, CSA, General Store, and Bottle Service deliveries include Bingo cards.

1.) Watch the livestream. Video will appear on this link on May 1st at 8:30PM.

2.) Random numbers are drawn. Whoever completes a bingo pattern first, wins the prize. A winning bingo pattern is a line with five numbers in a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical row. Numbers must be X’d out with a pen.

3.) Text us a photo of your winning bingo card (and the Canlis Family Meal stamp on the back) as fast as you can

(480) 702-1978

Download Official Rules (PDF)

No purchase necessary. If you’d like to play, send us a postcard with your address. We'll mail you a bingo card that can be used any Friday night. 2576 Aurora Ave N. Seattle, WA 98109

The Prize

The first person to text their winning card will receive a Canlis CSA box, a $100 Canlis Gift Card, and… a mystery prize (or two). All delivered to your door.

Support a nonprofit

Donate to a featured nonprofit each week and Mark will give your business a shout out on the show. For sponsorship details email