Why are we doing this?

As the spread of COVID-19 grew, we asked ourselves “How can we create safer jobs for our staff and build a business model that might withstand this new environment?” Starting from scratch, we listed our strengths: a capable kitchen, a willing team, a restaurant on a freeway. It didn’t take much to realize we could serve so many more in this city through delivery than a dining room with white table cloths. Servers could deliver to homes the same way they delivered to tables. If in doing so, could we could find a way to feed our neighbors and encourage our city? Wouldn’t you do the same?

In the middle of the night we coined the phrase “We’ve got this, Seattle.” Those words became the rallying cry for the residents of a city that just needed a reminder of what they are capable of.


When will fine dining at Canlis re-open?

We’ll reopen when the schools re-open, when on-site work resumes, when the people of our city start asking for their restaurant back. We’ll re-open when we as a nation have made it through this together, when we’re ready to raise a glass to humanity and the way we re-learned just how alike we all are.

What if I currently have a reservation?

We’ve sent an email to all our guests with reservations in the next two weeks. If you’re reading this, then perhaps you have a reservation further out than that. Each week, as we monitor the impact on our city, we will make the call to close fine dining and cancel reservations. When we do, we’ll likely send you an email and call you personally to apologize and arrange a re-booking.

Has Canlis ever closed before?

Our grandfather closed the restaurant upon hearing the news of president John F. Kennedy’s assassination. As brothers, we decided to close the restaurant in 2015 after a tragic accident on the Aurora Bridge, just outside our restaurant. In this case, though we do not offer fine dining, we do not consider ourselves as having “closed” Canlis. It just looks different than what you, or we, are used to. But inside this building, the employees, the family, and the spirit of Canlis is as alive as it has ever been.

Are we hiring?

Our goal is to create enough jobs in this uncertain season to continue to employ 100% of our staff. We look forward to bringing on a larger team if demand exceeds our ability to serve the city. We recognize the need right now for job creation and are eagerly trying to build a business model that can employ as many in this city as possible. For more information on working at Canlis, visit our careers page.

Other questions?

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