Please come
over for dinner.

Please come over for dinner.

That’s pretty much it.

Sometimes all it takes is a real invitation, and our family would really like you to come over for dinner. The opportunity to meet and serve you is one we don’t take lightly. Not for the past three generations at least. Come spend an evening. Our favorite thing in the world is taking care of others, and few places can do it quite like Canlis.

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“Canlis — the forward-thinking bastion of Seattle fine dining just scored two James Beard Awards nominations.”

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The Space

This storied building was first designed by Roland Terry in 1950. Both Jim Cutler and George Suyama have helped develop it into an iconic expression of modern design. It continues to delight guests from all over the world with its natural light and stunning views of Seattle, Lake Union, and the Cascade mountain range.

“A Canlis Salad, when properly prepared, is a revelation.”

- Sam Sifton, NYT

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